‘SOCIAL CREDIBILITY’ is a term that didn’t exist a decade ago, but is now a regular topic in marketing meetings. We got it for the team at Paragon Risk Management (pictured above).

So what is it, and why is it important?

To explain the importance of having credibility on social media – or ‘social credibility’ – let’s use the following example. 

  • There’s a person you want to learn more about, what do you do? You probably look them up online. Maybe a Google search for them and check one or two of their social media accounts.
  • Prospective customers behave in a similar way. Before buying a product or service from your company, they are likely to check you out online.
  • Social media accounts are some of the first places to look. They appear high in search results and can of course be located from inside individual platforms also, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social accounts aren’t like having business cards or distributing pamphlets. They are active spaces that need to be approached with an ongoing plan, not one-offs or things that can be updated on every blue moon then pushed aside.

If they are configured and maintained in the right way, social media accounts can be powerful assets for your business. They can benefit your company’s search engine ranking, driving sales and enquiries. All this comes back to social credibility.

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