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One of the great things about working in social media is seeing how it can benefit businesses of any size – from the local grocer to huge multinational organisations.

Recently we were tasked with the job of managing the social media accounts of Zinc Apartments, a real estate development site in North Wollongong, New South Wales. The site will house 19 one, two and three bedrooms apartments a short walk from the beach, located in a picturesque community with a vibrant culture.

We decided to roll out Zinc Apartments’ social media on Facebook and Instagram, emphasising beautiful real estate images and pictures of the Wollongong landscape.

People love photographs of homes! For one of our clients, Yvonne Haber Architect, we published an array of different images of the inside of houses and apartments. The response to posts such as this was terrific:

We wanted to replicate this success with Zinc Apartments. So on Facebook we uploaded pictures of interiors, such as this:

We also wanted to strongly feature images of the Wollongong landscape. So we published images like this on Facebook and Instagram:


The response took even us by surprise. The Facebook image above (of the couch and the coffee table) published on the Zinc Apartments Facebook page reached 272 people.

That was almost 20 times the number of people who liked the page. A big reach from a small page, in other words – and only one post among many.

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