Our new client Ashlee Ellen Design produces beautiful pure silk scarves. We have added a new voice to their offering with our guest blogger and sartorial expert Rebecca taking on the role of matching these scarves to potential buyers and current fashion trends. Here’s a bit of what to expect:

Neutrals rule our sartorial lives. No clothes retailer would be insane enough to offer a pair of pants for sale and omit the option of black. Or navy. Or some kind of mid-tone taupe-y, olive-y non-colour. (Remember ‘donkey’? Still struggling to define that one.)

Neutrals are a blessing. They’re consistent, reliable, flattering and they all go with each other without inducing anxiety and causing you wasted time in the morning when you’re getting dressed. Even white performs reliably like this, despite begging for some terrible kind of tomato sauce accident the moment you put it on, even when you don’t eat tomato sauce.

We have updated their website to be mobile friendly and given them a Facebook page. Read more here...

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