Using social media we generated a 400% increase in EndoActive website visits.

We built a pay-per-view channel, allowing users to buy EndoActive’s DVD.

We built a WordPress blog with dynamic original content optimised for Google.

On Facebook we reached 85,000 people in a month – with no paid ads.

Who they are.

EndoActive is an Australian not-for-profit health promotion charity committed to raising awareness of Endometriosis and advocating for women and girls who suffer from it.

How we helped.

Search and Social Sydney took over EndoActive’s pre-existing social media accounts and used them to maximise reach and impact, creating engaging multimedia and original blog content. We grew website traffic to almost triple the previous level, then targeted website visitors with ads for purchasing an EndoActive DVD. This led to a huge spike in sales.

Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo.

We focused on these three platforms for our social media strategy. On Vimeo we built EndoActive a pay-per-view streaming channel, and on Facebook we reached 85,000 users in one month – without spending any money on advertising.

We are delighted to have found a company that listens to our concerns and responds to them promptly and thoughtfully.

Lesley Seebold Freeman

Co-Founder, Endoactive Australia & NZ

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